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Teddy Helps Negotiate Between India and Pakistan in Kashmir Next Week on The Philanthropist

July 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Wednesday, August 5 


KASHMIR TV 14 DV Air Time: 10:00PM 11:00PM

Teddy (James Purefoy) and Philip’s (Jesse L. Martin) college friend, Rhada Shivpuri (guest star Sarita Choudhury), asks for their help to delicately negotiate with both the Indian and Pakistani governments in an attempt to rebuild the region’s water system and reopen the ‘The Line of Control’ which divides the ancient land of Kashmir in two. The border restricts trade between India and Pakistan and Rhada hopes, with Teddy and Philip’s help, water will be transported to put an end to the severe draught suffered by both countries in the Kashmiri region.

Their mission spirals out of control when militants wage an attack on Mumbai, halting their business plan. In an effort to get their operation back on track, Teddy heads into Kashmir on his own but in the process, lands himself in mortal danger. With Teddy missing, Philip and Dax (Michael Kenneth Williams) lead the manhunt to find their friend while Olivia (Neve Campbell) and AJ (lindy Booth) sit anxiously by the phone in New York, praying Teddy will be found in one piece.

Source: NBC Press Release

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