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FlashForward 9/24/09 "No More Good Days" Episode Recap

September 30th, 2009 · No Comments

The episode opens with a terrifying car crash scene. Mark (Joseph Fiennes) climbs out of his wrecked car and looks around him: there is devastation everywhere, people lie injured in the road, cars and trucks are piled up and things are on fire. Mark calls out for someone by the name of Demetri (later revealed to be Mark’s FBI partner, played by John Cho) the screen then fades to black and then cuts to “4 Hours Earlier”.

Four hours prior to the blackout we see each of the lead characters going about their daily business. Mark gets up and ready for work and lets his wife Olivia (Sonya Walger) knows he is leaving. She asks him to look at the garage door which keeps getting stuck. He tells her he will look at it later when he gets home for work and leaves the house, bumping into the family babysitter, Nicole (Peyton List) whom he asks to stay late to look after his daughter Charlie – she agrees. Mark then heads to an AA meeting with friend Aaron, who hit the bottle following the death of his daughter. After leaving the meeting Mark heads to work as does Aaron.

Meanwhile; Mark’s wife Olivia scrubs up and prepares to do surgery on a patient at the local hospital alone as her colleague Bryce (Zachary Knighton) has not come into work because he is down on the local pier ready to commit suicide with a concealed revolver. Back at Mark and Olivia’s house, babysitter Nicole sneaks her boyfriend in and they make love. Mark is then shown with his FBI partner Demetri on a stake-out as they attempt to expose and capture some terrorists. They follow their suspects but are spotted and a high speed car chase develops. Bryce puts the gun to his chin, ready to end it all, Nicole and her partner continue to make love, Aaron climbs a powerline which he is being paid to fix, Olivia starts surgery. Then the blackout occurs.

The viewer then sees only Mark’s blackout, in which he is in his office and is drinking from a hip flask. On his office wall is a massive display called “The Mosaic Collective” which seems to be linked to the blackouts. There are numerous pictures and post-it notes on the display with clues as to what may have caused the blackout present Mark is currently experiencing. A dazed and confused Mark then pulls a page from a diary and writes on it “Who else knows??”. The slip is dated six months from the events we saw before Mark blacked out. Mark then hears noises in the office and cocks his handgun. He heads out into the hallway where three armed men in masks target him with guns…The present day Mark then awakes from his blackout. The first clip from the episode then replays with Mark emerging from his police car and looking at the devastation around. He saves a couple of people from an exploding tanker truck which has also crashed during the blackout. He then calls out for his partner Demetri with whom he is reunited. The pair look out at the devastation of the city in the aftermath of the blackout which includes cars and buildings on fire after helicopters and planes have crashed or landed in or on them. The pair then spot the SUV they were chasing before the blackout and investigate. The driver and two other passengers are dead but one, a woman, has survived. They take her into custody while Mark tries to contact his family.

On the pier, Bryce awakens to find himself alive. Looking out into the water he sees several holiday makers and surfers floating in the water. A man calls out for his help and Bryce agrees, telling the man that he is a doctor. At the hospital Olivia awakens in surgery with the rest of her team, but her patient has flatlined while they were “out”. Aaron wakes up at the top of the electricity pole he was trying to fix, hanging dangerously close to the live cables, he calls out for help. Back at Mark and Olivia’s house Nicole and her boyfriend wake up and Nicole checks on Charlie who tells Nicole that she dreamt “There were no more good days”. Mark and the rest of the FBI are soon shocked to learn that the “event” was global. Mark tells his superiors that he does not believe the “event” was actually a blackout and he tells them that he thinks he was seeing himself 6 months in the future – a sort of flashforward. A couple of other people in the office confirm seeing events that they believe have yet to happen and Mark, Demetri and another officer called Janis (Christine Woods) are tasked with finding out what caused the flashforward and if it will happen again. They then set up a website and a display in Mark’s office, similar to the one in his flashforward.

Everyone then starts to share their experiences with each other. Mark says he was investigating the flashforwards, Janis reveals that she is to be 17 weeks pregnant six months from now, Olivia reveals to Mark that she saw herself having an affair with a man she has never met. Bryce tells Olivia that he was going to commit suicide but saw a future in which he was alive. Nicole reveals that she believes the blackout and visions were a punishment to her and Mark from god – hinting at a possible past affair. Mark tells Aaron that he was back on the booze and Aaron suggests to Mark that the future may be changed and reveals that the daughter he thought was dead was alive in his flashforward. Mark’s partner Demetri then confides in Mark telling him that he saw nothing when he blacked out. Mark suggests that this may mean he is asleep in the future, but Demetri is adamant that it means six months from the present he will be dead.

At the hospital a patient (a young boy) is brought in with injuries sustained during the blackout. Olivia tells him that he is going to be fine and the boy responds by referring to her by name. This is odd as she doesn’t know him. She then heads home where she meets with Mark. The pair talk about what she saw, concerned that it means the end of their marriage. Mark then shares Aaron’s earlier thought that now they know their future they can change it. Charlie then gives Mark a friendship bracelet which he accepts and puts on, later realising that this is the same friendship bracelet he saw himself wearing in his flashforward.

Back at the hospital, Bryce is introduced to the father of the young boy Olivia was operating on earlier. The boy’s father is revealed to be the man Olivia was in a relationship with in her flashforward. While this occurs, Demetri was on the phone with his fiance when he is called over by Janis who is cross-referencing footage from CCTV cameras recorded during the blackout to see if there are any clues as to what caused it and the flashforwards. She shows Demetri specific footage of a baseball game in Detroit in which, as everyone blacks out, a lone hooded figure walks across the back of the stadium, completely unfazed by what is going on..

“No More Good Days” is the first episode of the first season of FlashForward and the series premiere. The episode’s teleplay was written by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga, who also conceived of the television story, based upon the novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer. Goyer also directed the episode, which originally aired in the United States on ABC on September 24, 2009

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