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Parks and Recreation 9/24/09 "The Stakeout" Episode Recap

September 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Ann (Rashida Jones), who is preparing for her first date with Mark (Paul Schneider), worriedly asks Leslie (Amy Poehler) if she has any reservations, since Leslie previously had feelings for him. Leslie insists she is fine, although she appears to harbor reservations. Later, Leslie and Tom (Aziz Ansari) visit the community garden from the Parks and Recreation department planted in the Pawnee pit, where they eventually plan to build a park. They find what appears to be marijuana.

Leslie tells Ron (Nick Offerman) she plans to find the drug dealers herself, rather than involve the police and attract bad publicity. A distracted Ron agrees without argument, or without moving from his chair. Later, Ron reveals he cannot move because he has a hernia that he had been ignoring for months. However, after sneezing, he cannot move at all without feeling excruciating pain, so he remains still all day. Ron even makes April (Aubrey Plaza) bring him the lunch sitting a few feet away on his desk, which April mistakes for a power trip.

That night, Leslie and Tom don black and watch the pit from a van. Leslie, who gets wired on boxes full of candy she brought, initially annoys Mark, but they soon start bonding. Leslie eventually spots Ann and Mark leaving for their date, and starts snapping photos of them from the van. Later, Leslie and Tom see Ann’s ex-boyfriend Andy (Chris Pratt) in the pit. They assume he is the kingpin, but he insists he is actually living in the pit and eating the vegetables from the garden. He said he thought the marijuana was just “the tops of carrots”.

Ron remains immobile in his seat well into the night, and the lights turn off since they’re activated by a motion sensor. April arrives because she thought perhaps Ron was in trouble or pain. She agrees to bring him to the hospital, and wheels Ron out to the car on his office chair. Leslie and Andy walk off to get fast food, where Leslie accidentally reveals Ann and Mark are dating. Andy insists he is fine with it, but then suddenly faints. Back near the pit, Tom is locked out of his van and tries to break back in. Ann and Mark return from their date and call the police after see him, assuming him to be a prowler.

Officer Dave Sanderson (Louis C.K.) arrives and confronts Tom, who mouths off at Dave until he places him under arrest. Leslie returns to the van, only to learn Ann and Mark had Tom arrested. They go to the police station, where Leslie angrily insists Tom has to be released. After calming down, Leslie finally confesses about the marijuana in the community garden. Dave also mentions that, other than Tom breaking into the van, he found pictures of Ann and Mark on a date, believing Tom was a pervert or a stalker. Leslie explains that she was the one who took the pictures, and explains her entire love interest to Dave. The next day (Leslie had slept on a couch in the police station), Dave releases Tom, who thanks Leslie for sticking up for him. The same morning, Leslie and Dave go to the garden, but he finds no marijuana, only “the tops of carrots”. Dave guesses Leslie orchestrated the whole thing to spy on Ann and Mark, which he says he finds “cute”. Later, Dave privately admits he is sexually attracted to Leslie.

“The Stakeout” is the second episode of the second season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation, and the eighth overall episode of the series. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on September 24, 2009.

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